Ashford Formula LEED Certified Densifier

Ashford Formula LEED Certified DensifierWe recently wrote about Densifiers Versus Sealers. Densifiers chemically harden concrete flooring, hardening the floor from the inside out. The great benefits of concrete densification: reduced dusting, higher gloss readings, increased abrasion resistance, and a longer lifespan of the concrete floor.

A concrete floor treated with Ashford Formula will be 32% harder within the first 30 minutes of treatment. The treated concrete will continue to harden over time.

Ashford Formula DensifierConcrete Formulas Meet LEED Standards

The Ashford Forumula

  • Ashford Formula has been widely specified on LEED Certified, LEED Silver, LEED Gold and LEED Platinum projects.
    • It is inorganic, non-toxic, VOC free, colorless and odorless. It produces no fumes, vapors, off-gassing and improves indoor air quality.
  • The Ashford Formula acts as a supplement to surface and aggregate hardeners. It also significantly reduces crazing, or “map cracking” because it stabilizes the surface.
  • Floors are more resistant to staining, easier to clean, and free from dusting. In our experience, densifiers also produce a higher, deeper gloss.

Immediately After Treatment

  • The hardening and dust proofing will take effect within the normal curing period on new concrete and within 24-48 hours on existing concrete. The floor will have a normal concrete appearance or a slight sheen (broom-finished or rough-textured concrete will retain its natural concrete appearance.)
  • The density and hardness of the floor will be immediately enhanced. However, care should be taken not to gouge the floor with nails, etc. after the initial placement.
  • To accelerate the sheen, the floor can be burnished or cleaned daily using an auto-scrubber equipped with medium-aggressive nylon brushes. A spiff coat can also be done to enhance the initial sheen.

3-6 Months After Treatment

  • If the standard maintenance program is followed, smooth-troweled floor surfaces will develop a sheen.
  • Note: A sheen will not develop on floors with an open, porous finish, or on floors with a broom finish.
  • On steel-troweled floors, water typically begins to bead on the surface.

12 Months After Treatment

  • A hard shell-finished surface will develop.
  • Surface is resistant to oil penetration and moisture contamination.