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Green News

Concrete: Nature’s Green Foundation

Most net-zero buildings install concrete flooring, and for good reason. Concrete is a sustainable building material that meets the Green Building Council’s LEED® rating system. Thanks in large part to the advances in concrete flooring product formulas, low VOC concrete flooring contributes to clean indoor air quality. Additionally, concrete flooring embedded with tubing can provide economical, non-toxic space heating and cooling. Concrete radiant floors reduce energy requirements by as much as 60%.

Bullitt Center Seattle Living Proof of a Living Building

As the first urban in-fill commercial building that received Living Building certification, the Bullitt Center is pushing the leading edge of performance-based design. Net-zero energy, net-zero water, onsite treatment of sewage and exclusion of many common “Red List” materials are just some reasons the Bullitt Center is innovative.

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