Traditional vs. 3-Step “Easy” Polishing Systems

To properly grind, hone and polish concrete and obtain the maximum "clarity of reflection" and "durability", a proper grit sequence must be used that allows for full refinement of the concrete surface. Not performing full refinement from one progressively finer grit to the next will not allow the floor to reach its maximum durability and will cause the surface to prematurely wear.

Densifiers Versus Sealers

A beautifully finished decorative concrete floor must go through a fairly involved process to achieve the intended outcome. From the "pure" pour through the glossy finish, concrete needs to be chemically altered before a floor is ready for prime time. Densifiers and sealers are applied to decorative concrete flooring at different stages and serve different purposes.

Bullitt Center Seattle Living Proof of a Living Building

As the first urban in-fill commercial building that received Living Building certification, the Bullitt Center is pushing the leading edge of performance-based design. Net-zero energy, net-zero water, onsite treatment of sewage and exclusion of many common “Red List” materials are just some reasons the Bullitt Center is innovative.

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