Easy Steps to Remove Glue from Concrete Floors

glue removal from concrete floors

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Whether you’re removing old carpet, or tile, or doing renovation work, dealing with stubborn glue residue on concrete can be a real headache. That dried adhesive seems practically fused to the slab, shrugging off your efforts with scrapers and chemicals.

Before you can install new flooring or prepare the surface for concrete floor coatings, that glue has to go.

Fortunately, the concrete craftsmen at Custom Concrete Prep & Polish have extensive experience tackling even the most tenacious glue removal projects in Colorado and beyond. With the right techniques and tools, that sticky situation doesn’t stand a chance against our team.

How Glue Winds Up on Concrete Floors

A buildup of glue happens for many reasons, but it typically stems from one of the following scenarios:

• Removing carpet, vinyl, or tile flooring from glued-down installations

• Demolition of structures or fixtures adhered to the slab

• Failure to fully clean up after glue-down flooring or construction projects

• Using the wrong adhesive removers that leave a stubborn film

No matter the source, traditional scraping, scrubbing, or chemical strippers often leave behind dried patches or a faint residual haze on the porous concrete. Unless fully removed, this leftover adhesive can wreak havoc on new flooring installations or staining/polishing efforts. 

Our Process to Remove Glue from Concrete Floors

Our experienced team rigorously follows a proven process to eliminate glue down to the bare concrete:

1. Thorough Surface Inspection

We carefully inspect the entire affected area to map the glue locations, identify the adhesive type, and determine if any special removal techniques are required.

2. Strategic Adhesive Softening

Different solvents, dwell times, agitation methods, and selective heating processes can help re-liquify tough glue for more effective removal.

3. State-of-the-art shotblasting and Grinding

Powerful shot blasting and diamond grinding equipment pulverize and mechanically profile away all remaining glue and debris from the concrete surface.

4. Meticulous Vacuuming and Surface Scrubbing

Heavy-duty vacuum systems capture any remaining dust or particulates, while auto-scrubbers thoroughly clean and rinse the newly exposed concrete.

5. Final Surface Inspection and Evaluation

Our pros perform a comprehensive quality check to ensure the slab is perfectly prepared and ready for polishing, coatings, or new flooring installation.

Why Hire Custom Concrete Prep for Glue Removal

Having spent years eliminating adhesives from industrial plants, retail spaces, and more, Custom Concrete Prep has extensive expertise in comprehensive glue removal, including:

• Identifying and testing adhesive types for proper removal

• Mitigating vapor issues from waterborne and solvent-based glues

• Accessing specialty glue removal equipment

• Safely handling and disposing of adhesive waste streams

• Ensuring compliance with all regulations and safety standards

With meticulous surface preparation as our core focus, you can trust Custom Concrete Prep to prep and prime your concrete slabs for any floor system, whether polished concrete, coatings, overlays, or traditional floor coverings.

You’ve already invested significant time and money into your concrete project. Don’t take shortcuts on surface preparation. Hire the Colorado experts who specialize in complete, professional glue removal that lasts. Contact Custom Concrete Prep & Polish today for a free site evaluation!

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