Energy-Saving, Light-Reflecting Polished Concrete Floors

Light Reflectivity Energy SavingsAs energy conservation and green building solutions have grown in popularity, common lighting systems have significantly improved. More industrial, commercial and retail spaces are incorporating these advanced, energy-efficient means of lighting into their operating expense. However, there is one thing that the lighting engineers cannot control; REFLECTION.

Installing light-colored polished concrete floors can help save energy and reduce lighting bills by amplifying the amount of natural light entering a building during the day and reducing the need for artificial light at night. For some projects, high reflectant concrete floors achieve LEED certification and slash energy consumption.

Light reflecting polished concrete floors combines the durability, low maintenance and green properties of concrete with the property of retroreflection. Retroreflective surfaces precisely reflect incident light (sunlight or artificial light) back towards the light source. The concrete surface is activated by light from both the light source and the recipient. At any given moment the reflection effect can become perceptible, and the concrete switches from a passive to an active state.

Polished Concrete ReflectionHighly reflective surfaces are generally mirrored so that light “bounces off” at a supplementary angle. The black arrows represent incoming light, while the colored arrows represent reflected, or refracted light.

Polishing Technique Affects the Outcome

Polished Concrete ReflectionGrinding techniques, diamond selection and equipment will affect the final polish and light reflectivity. Improper grinding may leave scratches in the finished surface which will disrupt/deflect the light reflectivity. Every pass of each diamond disk will impart a “scratch pattern” to the concrete surface. It’s important to take the proper amount of time for each pass so that the diamonds grind and polish every square inch consistently. Analysis of the original flooring tells our production teams what products and techniques are required to ensure a glossy finish.

Different Levels of Reflective Polished Concrete

High Gloss Finish

A decorative, high-gloss finish is an ideal application for showrooms, high-end real estate and areas where aesthetic properties including flatness and reflectivity of the floor are top priority. The result is a surface that shines and offers exceptional durability.

  • Reflective and decorative finish
  • Floor flatness
  • Extremely high quality and durability
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Exceptionally resistant to abrasion
High Polish Concrete Floor Custom Concrete Prep and Polish
Medium Polish Light Reflectivity Custom Concrete Prep and Polish

Medium Gloss Finish

A medium-gloss finish is often considered a commercial finish. This application is ideal for retail areas, shop fronts and indoor public spaces. The result is a floor that offers functionality and low maintenance but is still aesthetically pleasing.

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Resistant to wear and spills
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Minimal lifetime cost

Industrial Finish

A low-gloss finish is ideal for industrial floors. This application targets large areas such as warehouses and department stores where flooring functionality is of primary concern. The result is a hardwearing floor that offers a safer and cleaner environment.

  • Minimal lifetime cost
  • Withstands the toughest use
  • Slip-resistant
  • Resistant to spills, abrasion, oils and dusting
  • Easy to clean
Industrial Polish Concrete Floor Custom Concrete Prep and Polish