Project Description

American Financing | Aurora, CO

Grind, Custom Acid Stain and Seal of 1,195 sq ft Business Break Room

GC: The Vertex Companies, Inc.

1,195 sqft break room/game area remodel of business. CCPP removed adhesive, ground, patched and stained the existing floor. We applied a custom stain with five different colors in a pattern designed by the architect. Green and brown stains were mixed with a water based acrylic sealer.

Custom Stain Process

  • Grind floor to remove existing adhesive
  • Grind floor with 30 grit diamonds
  • Grind floor with 80 grit diamonds
  • Grind floor with 120 grit diamonds
  • Hand grind wall edges
  • Apply Scofield Chemstain Acid Stain in five stages (Antique Amber, Fern Green, Copper Patina, Padre Brown, Weathered Bronze )
  • Neutralize acid stain
  • Apply densifier
  • Apply Scofield CementOne Clear Sealer