Project Description

The Showroom at Furniture Row | Denver

400 Grit Polish of 40,000 sq ft Retail Showroom

GC: Ecko Construction

The Showroom is a new 170,000 sq ft retail store on Furniture Row, showcasing furnishings, flooring, accessories from multiple high-end manufacturers.

400 Grit Polish Process

  • Remove existing carpet glue
  • Grind 113,475 area with 30 grit diamonds
  • Marked out sections for 400 Grit Polish
  • Grind 40,000 sq ft segmented areas with 30 grit diamonds
  • Polish floor with 400 grit resins. No color applied.
  • Applied Prosoco LS Densifier
  • Applied Consolideck® LSGuard
  • Grind/Patch 6″ wide trenches
  • Hand grind wall edge
  • Clean and fill joints