Benefits of Deep Polished Concrete Floor

worker deep polishing concrete floor

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When it comes to floors that combine beauty, durability, and low maintenance, polished concrete’s exceptional properties are hard to beat. And if you want to take polished concrete to the next level of elegance and performance, deep-polish concrete flooring is the ultimate solution.

What is Deep Polished Concrete?

Unlike a basic polished concrete floor, which typically only grinds down the top surface layer, deeply polished concrete goes much further. The deep polish process involves grinding away a significant concrete surface layer—up to 1/4 inch or more. This removes not just the top layer of concrete but also any discoloration, imperfections, or particles down into the substrate.

The extensive grinding and densification create an incredibly flat, seamless surface with remarkable clarity of color and reflection. When the concrete is then hardened and polished to a brilliant shine, the result is a luxurious, granite-like finish that is as smooth as glass.

The Endless Benefits of Deep Polished Concrete

So why take concrete to this premium deep polished level? The benefits are truly impressive:

Brilliant Clarity and Reflectivity

With the deepest layers of concrete exposed and polished, deep polish concrete exhibits colors and reflections that basic polished floors simply can’t match. The finish has an amazing glass-like depth and clarity, creating a sense of richness and elegance.

Extreme Durability

Deep polishing increases the density and tightness of the concrete surface, making it far more durable and resistant to wear patterns, moisture, staining, and chemical attack than normal polished concrete. This premium durability ensures a lifetime of performance with minimal maintenance required.

Seamless Finish

The extensive grinding creates an ultra-flat, seamless surface free of imperfections like trowel marks, textures, or lippage between slabs. The seamless, level surface is much easier to keep clean and creates a sophisticated, contemporary look.

Customization Options

Deep polish concrete can be customized with the industry’s widest range of colors, aggregates, patterns, and graphic effects. The options for customized creativity are endless, from bold design elements to subtle accents like fiber optics or metallic dry shakes.

Simple Maintenance

Unlike other types of flooring, such as tile, stone, or wood, which require tedious maintenance, deeply polished concrete is remarkably easy to care for. With its dense, nonporous surface, it never needs waxing, special coatings, or sealants. Just dry dust mopping and occasional damp mopping keep the floor looking pristine.

Sustainable & Cost Effective

As a durable, long-lasting surface, deeply polished concrete is an exceptionally sustainable and cost-effective flooring solution over its lifetime. It also contributes to LEED points and creates a healthy indoor environment free of VOCs.

Trust the Experts at Custom Concrete Prep & Polish

Working with an experienced professional team is essential to enjoying all the benefits of world-class deep polished concrete floors. Our experts at Custom Concrete Prep & Polish are pioneers in the latest deep grind and polish techniques, creating absolutely stunning concrete surfaces.

With cutting-edge equipment and highly trained crews, we’ll take your concrete floors to an entirely new level of beauty, performance, and value. Don’t settle for ordinary polished concrete – let Custom Concrete Prep & Polish deliver our masterpiece of deep polished perfection on your floors. 

Call or click today to learn more and get a free residential or commercial project consultation. Prepare to be amazed by the true art of deep polished concrete floors!

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