7 Ways to Keep Your Polished Concrete New

maintaining and cleaning polished concrete new look

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Polished concrete floors offer an incredibly durable and low-maintenance surface that enhances any space with a rich, modern look. With their densified concrete and glossy finish, polished floors have an amazing initial shine that lasts for years with proper care and maintenance

The good news is that keeping polished concrete looking brand new doesn’t require special products, coatings, or extensive labor. You can preserve that just-installed sparkle for decades with these 7 simple care tips.

1.   Daily Dry Dust Mopping of Your Polished Concrete

Like any hard surface floor, polished concrete should be dry dust mopped frequently to remove loose dirt, dust, and debris. This basic daily sweeping prevents abrasive particles from dulling or scratching the polished surface over time.

2.   Weekly Damp Mopping

Along with dry dust control, weekly damp mopping with a neutral-pH cleaner diluted in clean water is recommended. Avoid harsh detergents, acids, or solvent-based cleaners, as these can dull or damage the polished finish, especially in heavy concentrations. After mopping, use a dry mop or towels to remove any standing water or cleaner residue.

3.   Spill Clean Up

Attend to spills promptly by blotting up any liquids and cleaning with a diluted neutral cleaner. Avoid letting spills dry on the surface. Use a cleaner with a de-greasing agent for oils, grease, or sticky spills. 

4.   Entry Way Mats

Place sturdy entry mats both inside and outside all entry areas to reduce tracked-in dirt and debris from the outdoors. This will minimize the amount of abrasive particles on the concrete surface.

5.   Furniture Pads

Use felt pads under all furniture legs and avoid dragging or sliding anything across the floor, which can cause scratches and dulling over time. Lift objects when moving rather than pushing them.

6.   No Acrylic Sealers Required for Polished Concrete

One of the biggest benefits of is that it is naturally dense and nonporous so it never requires any waxes, acrylic sealers, or resinous coatings—ever. These types of protective topical treatments are only needed for unpolished concrete.

7.   Periodic Deep Cleaning

For a deeper refresh, periodically clean the floor with an auto-scrubber using a neutral cleaner diluted in clean water. This will remove ground dirt in pores and restore the lustrous finish. Avoid pads that are too aggressive.

Custom Concrete Prep & Polish: Your Polished Concrete Solution

For the most flawless and longest-lasting polished concrete floors, they must be properly prepared, densified, polished, and protected from the start. That’s where the experts at Custom Concrete Prep & Polish come in.

As pioneers in state-of-the-art polishing techniques, we transform ordinary concrete into a work of art with breathtaking shine and clarity. Our premium floors feature the densest polished concrete surface using their specialized PolishCrete™ process.

The concrete artisans at Custom Prep & Polish deliver polished concrete with superior stain resistance, abrasion resistance, and ease of maintenance. With our unmatched quality and expertise, your floors will look spectacular for decades with just basic cleaning routines.

Call today to learn more about Custom Prep & Polish’s polished concrete solutions and to schedule a free consultation. Let us create a customized floor that starts brilliant and stays brilliant for years of low-maintenance elegance!

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