The Versatility of Concrete Architectural Concrete Toppings

rebuilding home with architectural concrete toppings

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While plain concrete provides an affordable and durable flooring base, its bland gray appearance leaves much to be desired aesthetically. However, concrete can become a designer surface rivaling expensive materials like marble, granite, or terrazzo through the creative use of architectural toppings.

What Are Architectural Concrete Toppings?

Architectural toppings are specialized cementitious overlays applied on top of new or existing concrete to replicate the look of high-end finishes at a fraction of the cost. Also called concrete resurfacing systems, these polymer-modified topping materials come in both pre-packaged dry mixes or liquid form.

The experts at Custom Concrete Prep & Polish are masters at seamlessly installing architectural toppings that transform ordinary slabs with a wide range of decorative finishes, colors, and textures. Popular applications include floors, walls, countertops, patios, pool decks, and more.

Decorative Toppings for Any Design

Whether you desire the classic elegance of polished marble, the richness of antiqued Venetian plaster, the timeless beauty of exposed aggregate, or totally unique custom artistic effects, architectural toppings can deliver your vision.

Toppings allow endless customization and design flexibility unmatched by other surfacing methods. Custom Concrete’s skilled artisans can tint, score, stamp, stencil, grind, polish, and embellish toppings to create highly realistic simulated stone looks, intricate geometric or organic designs, or signature branding elements tailored to client needs.

Benefits of Architectural Concrete Toppings

Decorative concrete overlays provide exceptional advantages over conventional flooring and surfacing.

Cost-Effective Luxury Look

Exotic materials like marble, slate, limestone, or terrazzo can cost $30+ per square foot for materials alone. Architectural toppings realistically mimic those upscale finishes at just a fraction of the price.

Seamless Application

Unlike individual tiles or pavers, toppings create a continuous, seamless surface unblemished by grout lines. This enhances aesthetics, minimizes tripping hazards, and simplifies maintenance.

Superior Performance

Architectural concrete toppings utilize specialized polymer-based cement mixtures with improved physical properties like increased abrasion/stain resistance, lower absorption rates, and higher compressive strengths compared to standard concrete.


With their long lifespan, low maintenance requirements, and renewable ingredients, architectural concrete toppings are an environmentally friendly solution that promotes green building practices.

Concrete Restoration Alternative

Rather than completely demolishing worn, cracked, or deteriorated concrete, toppings can refresh and resurface the existing slab at a much lower cost than full removal and replacement.

Expert Installation Through Custom Concrete Prep & Polish is Key

While architectural concrete toppings unlock amazing creative possibilities, proper product selection, surface preparation, application techniques, and sealing are critical for ensuring a durable, high-performance installation.

The skilled professionals at Custom Concrete Prep & Polish are extensively trained and keep up with the latest advancements in architectural concrete topping systems. Our experience, premium materials, and a keen eye for detail also consistently deliver beautiful, long-lasting surfaces that exceed client expectations.

To explore how decorative toppings can modernize, restore, or reimagine concrete surfaces throughout your home or business, connect with the toppings experts at Custom Concrete Prep & Polish. Schedule a free consultation and get inspired for your next transformative overlay project!

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