Benefits of Power Polishing

Transform unfinished concrete floors in warehouses and large retail spaces in a fraction of the time by power polishing. Power polishing achieves a durable, high level of polish without silica dustScrub, strip and polish large areas faster.

Custom Concrete Prep and Polish now offers power polishing for warehouses and large retail spaces. Power polishing is achieved using a ride-on, propane-powered planetary diamond polishing machine, eliminating concern for high voltage cables. Power polishing uses water to wet grind the floor, creating only minimal dust.

Other benefits include:

  • Our power polishing machine processes over 3,000 square feet per hour.
  • The machine uses patent-pending, dual counter-rotating diamond tooling pads that maintain constant contact with the surface.
  • The pads create a dual multi-vortex action, creating a perfect scratch pattern for polishing.
  • This highly maneuverable ride-on machine easily fits through a 32″ doorway.
  • Our power polishing machine is California ARB certified and complies with OSHA indoor air emissions (less than 1% carbon monoxide).
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