RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System®

RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System®Custom Concrete Prep and Polish is proud to be a certified applicator of the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System®. RetroPlate™ will enhance industrial, retail or commercial concrete floors while eliminating the ongoing costs of coatings and floor cover failures. RetroPlate™ makes weak concrete strong and turns stained or difficult-to-clean concrete into a beautiful surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

The RetroPlate™ System allows our production teams to combine the effects of diamond grinding and polishing with a one-application densifying sealer. The result is a permanently strengthened concrete floor that delivers a highly abrasion resistant, dust-proofed surface with increased impact resistance and reflectivity. Additionally, the RetroPlate™ System meets OSHA & ADA SCOF standards to 800 grit finish and is LEED qualified.

The RetroPlate™ System’s 10-year warranty ensures your floor will stand the test of time.

Benefits of RetroPlate™

  1. Abrasion Resistance: Up to 400% greater
  2. Impact Strength: Up to 21% greater
  3. Light Reflectivity: Up to 30% greater
  4. Lowest 10-year life cycle cost
  5. Virtually maintenance free – dust mop, water and a neutral cleaner
  6. No adverse reaction to ultraviolet light or water spray
  7. Eliminates moisture vapor failures related to floor coverings
  8. Does not support combustion … eliminates smoke or toxic fumes
  9. Qualifies for inclusion in Silver, Gold and Platinum LEED

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Recommended Cleaning/Maintenance Product

CreteClean with Scar GuardCreteClean Plus with Scar Guard is formulated to clean densified and densified-polished concrete. Unique proprietary ingredients, combined with cutting-edge Scar Guard technology, can improve the performance of concrete floors over time.

Specifically Formulated to Clean Concrete Floors
  • Contains unique ingredients that act specifically on concrete surfaces without harming them, unlike conventional cleaners which contain sulfates, hydroxides, and acids.
  • Can also be used to clean untreated concrete surfaces and all hard floor surfaces (not natural wood).
Chemically Attracts and Suspends Grit and Oil
  • When activated by water, powerfully attracts soils and grit, holding them in suspension. Contaminants cannot escape and be redeposited on the floor surface.
Rinse Free
  • Does not require rinsing, saving both time and wear and tear on cleaning equipment.
Heals Minor Scratches and Scrapes
  • Over time, can help to heal minor scratches and scrapes in the floor surface.
Used as a Poultice, Removes Tough Oil Stains
  • Can be used as a poultice to clean tough oil stains. Simply use CreteClean Plus at the more concentrated dilution rate of 4 oz per gallon of water. See CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard Janitorial Directions.
Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Ingredients are biodegradable and non-harmful to the environment. Manufactured in an Eco Logo certified facility, and its high dilution rate means a reduction in energy, transportation, and product use.